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    “Lucia nails the creative brief, every time. She’s a savvy veteran copywriter, ready to hit the ground running the minute she joins a team. Whether you’re building on an established brand or creating a new one, Lucia will give it the right voice, across every channel.”

    JUDI ADAMSCreative Leader at Sapient

    “Lucia is an incredibly dedicated and creative writer who can conceptulize thought-provoking work which, in my many years of experience working with her on many projects, is always on strategy and on time, if not early. “

    LISA NAULTDigital/Brand Management Consultant at Nestle PowerBar

    “Lucia provided exceptional creative collaboration with our proposal team. She jumped in with minimimal information and was able to achieve great results for our organization.”

    SIDNEY BATEMANMedical Sales Recruiter, Tom Ruff Company

    “Lucia is one of the most talented writers I know, advertising or otherwise. She inspires, entertains, and delivers the right message to the right audience.”

    JERRY MATTHEWSAdvisor at Boomtime

    “She has this uncanny ability to make the most mundane object sound as if it is the must have item of the year! She has this great humorous way of seeing things, and always brings out the best in her team creatively. “

    CHERYL BROWNECreative Director


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