Corinthian Colleges owns and operates hundreds of trade colleges throughout the USA, as Bryman, Wyotech, Everest and Florida
Metropolitan University. As of April 2007, they would begin the process of unifying all the schools under the Everest mantel, to
be rolled out gradually through the year to completion by early 2008.

Tribal DDB was tasked to re-vitalize a rather tired web presence as the “Everest College” brand.

The challenge: The audience was technologically downmarket, so if they didn’t find what they were looking for within the first ten seconds, they abandoned the site. But the existing site was a bad user experience, frustrating even web-savvy users.

Also, the airbrushed characters represented as their “brand” on the current site were not at all the people we were meeting while touring the campuses. Having experienced real students’ infectious energy, humor and enthusiasm, we created a site that was driven primarily by them. The homepage offers ten recognizably Everest student photos, with the opportunity to launch a video interview where each talk about their own unique experience at Everest.

We re-architected the flow of information to address and refine the user process for both students and parents. We continually checked our use of language to ensure it was approachable and immediate in tone. Without denigrating the importance of higher education, we allowed for humorous touches. As of April 9th, 2007, the schools have begun rolling out as Everest, and the new site is driving more leads than ever.

December 03, 2014