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To, ahem, drive excitement and plenty of, er, traffic to the new site for Lexus dealerships, we created a package that included lenticulars of the new website choices available to Lexus dealers. A deep-dive of information was found in the magazine we created for the package, which we based upon several Men’s magazines such as Men’s Health and Men’s Journal. The cover was exciting and masculine with several callouts that previewed the contents. The inside continued the Men’s Health stance with articles like “4 Designs to Get Your Online Dealership in Shape”, and “Strength Training: Powerful New Tools For Improved Sales.” The success of the program was easy to measure: Lexus Dealers had until December 20th to register for their homepage design. By December 15th, approximately 82% of all Lexus Dealers who received the package had registered. Boo-yah.

January 02, 2015