The New IS

Lexus’ new IS theme-line was “Why live in one dimension?” We took the campaign to another dimension altogether –
on the world’s largest digital billboard, the Reuters sign in Times Square.

The new IS was displayed as a photomosaic made up of tens of thousands of photographs that were uploaded to a Web site. Individual photos were highlighted, one at a time, three stories high on the Reuters sign. More than 500,000 visitors went to the site during the prelaunch and over 75,000 photos were uploaded, conferring ownership of the experience upon visitors. They were able to invite friends to upload photos, zoom into the mosaic to find their own images and watch live coverage of the Reuters sign on the Web cam. Banner ads, e-mails and web components all drove traffic to the site.

Additionally, Lexus street teams in Times Square used cellphones to snap photos of visitors and uploaded their images within seconds, broadcasting them thirty feet tall in the middle of New York City.

January 03, 2015