Playmates Interactive Entertainment

Playmates Interactive Entertainment (PIE)

Making one video game stand out in a field of sameness was the trick here. So to create a memorable ad, we piggybacked on the iconic 80’s advertising of Memorex. Only instead of the guy sitting and being literally blown away by his stereo system, we have our gamer sitting in front of the TV and fully covered in mud ostensibly splashing on him from the tube. Appropriate since he’s playing a BMX game (called VMX Racing).


Why go out for mud when you can have it delivered?


See, in VMX Racing™, both you and your bike have fully articulated bods, which means infinite opportunities to sling soil. And VMX has lapped those other Motocross games with the haulingest enduros and stadiums in the country. We’ve road tested and totally 3-d repro’d 6 tracks including San Jose National (watch that radioactive waste), and Tijuana (think of yourself as a Mexican jumping bean on full throttle).
And for the ultimate visceral experience: 4 different points of view. So when you kick out the ass-end of your 250 and pop it through the holeshot, you can practically taste exhaust. Trick out your ride with moves like the table-top and the knack-knack, and your competition can taste humility.
So hit the dirt. ‘Cause once you rev up VMX, it’s sure as hell gonna hit you.

January 02, 2015