Reebok Women

For two decades, the Reebok women’s product had been seen as the “big ugly white nurse’s shoe.” That was changing with all new sleek designs – but old customer presumptions die hard. Along with cult-ish short films, we created a site, ReebokWomen, that transformed their brand into a celebration of women in action. It was one of the first ecommerce sites for Zentropy Partners, and it successfully drew a faithful and ready-to-spend-a-bundle-for-sneakers-and-yoga-pants-women. This audience wanted to look awesome in their workouts, and yet still train safe with the renowned craftsmanship of Reebok. Sales on the site spiked with the individual releases of each of the films; there was a certain hype around each “opening,” and Reebok actually changed their women’s line to the name we had given the site: ReebokWomen.

January 03, 2015