Reebok Women

Interactive Short Films

ReebokWomen asked Zentropy Partners to help them re-brand with a site, but we gave them something that far exceeded their expectations and delighted their users (and us – we got lots of awards). Given five weeks, one copywriter, one art director, one director of photography, the streets of Los Angeles, the abandoned Sanitarium at Camarillo, and some Reebok women’s footwear, we produced three films, each with a different ReebokWomen quality such as fun, sexiness, dependability, and stylishness. The films were broadcast on  The results were awesome. Feedback from customers was glowing and sales of the Workout Boot increased by 48% and the U-Shuffle sales also skyrocketed.

The Mission

A story unfolds based on the user’s choices. We follow a pair of Reebok high-top gym shoes as they run, in a do-or-die mission, through downtown L.A., pausing at various cues (subway station, flashing walk sign, bus stop, cellphone on sidewalk, detour sign with arrows). These provide the user prompts to decide which direction she wants the runner to go next.

U-Shuffle Challenge

A pair of bizarre women scientists put a pair of U-Shuffle shoes through a series of “tests” to see if they can withstand the rigors of daily life. You kinda had to be there.


A pair of Reeboks turns up in various chic architectural settings as evidence that only recently, a stylish woman was present.


View the animation here

January 02, 2015