Wells Fargo

Instant Message Game

Integrating with DDB’s offline Today/Someday campaign for Wells Fargo Bank, Tribal DDB created a way for people to interact with the brand, get some useful information, play a game, and chat with a friend – all at once. Their new tool, My Spending Report was relatively unknown, so it was our job to make it not only accessible, but memorable – and shareable. People don’t usually lump game playing and money management together, but “Money in the Bank” allowed folks to make decisions that would affect a mock account; all inside of a Yahoo instant messaging window. The fact that they could play with their friends was icing on the cake. Then, when they were finished with the game, they could click on one of the tabs to be taken to a place on the Wells Fargo site where they could get a deeper understanding of – and the ability to sign up for – My Spending Report.

January 03, 2015